About Affinity Forge

A Legendary company

EST. in Texas - June, 2016

Legendary's first Realm

Affinity Forge brings incredible creative individuals together to champion Legendary Affinity's vision of activating all creative heroes.

Our focus

Bring story driven games back. As storytellers, we yearn to craft, tell, and share great stories with the world and have a blast in the process. Each artist expresses the story in his or her medium - we love that.

Our team represents

An international team of passionate and talented creatives working together to create amazing things while championing Legendary Affinity’s vision. Our team spans the East to West Coast, all the way to Hawaii, and into Vietnam and India. It’s a beautiful thing.


The story of how our projects formed us

Being a virtual team has had its challenges but it’s also been a blast! Receiving a text or Slack late at night after an epiphany is one of the best moments you can experience while working on projects like this. We have spent hours brainstorming and writing over calls and back-and-forth messages scattered throughout all our platforms. We’ve developed ideas and shared breakthrough ideas through pictures and videos of our notes and diagrams. It’s been fun.

The first story, The Broken Bottle is what brought us together. About two years before The Broken Bottle went into development, we had an idea to create a game where you would read while working directly with the main character. B.R. Manente, our first writer and team member of the founding company Legendary Affinity looked at the idea and started to bring new concepts to the table. Shortly after, Josh Irvin joined the team. The concept evolved, expanded, and was refined into our first stand alone title, The Broken Bottle, to what you are now discovering.

We have worked hard as a core seven man / woman team (along with about seven talented freelancers) working virtually across the worlds many time zones as we all have, in tandem, been working other jobs. The amount of documents, notes, drawings, wireframes, user flows, and everything in between is a mindblowing vault of how far we’ve come.

We have big plans for our first immersive digital storytelling app / game. We want it to be a beautifully crafted universe and distribution platform that brings creatives together to have a blast creating and sharing many stories that live in this one very unique platform.

“I deeply thank the creative heroes who have contributed to these projects. Their passion to contribute to the vision of the company is so humbling and an honor. With this group I have complete confidence that success is imminent.”

-Joey Boyer - Undaunted Orchestrator / Founder