Alpha testers, we listed and are acting - see how in five points

Yesterday three of the team members met, joining from Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Texas, to finalize our new story enhancements. Such an exciting meeting! Filled with as much laughter and innovation as productivity. We feel it’s important to conclude a meeting with smiling faces.

Here are some of the planned story enhancements based on your feedback:

To avoid any spoilers we will be keeping things at a high/ general level

1). Story sharpening

We were well into writing the story before we fully evolved the story telling platform and appreciate the additional set of eyes each of you provided. Now that we have more art to supplement the story, we will be sharpening the level of descriptiveness in the story to better fit the full immersive experience.

2). We will be utilizing more animations and visual queues to bring clarity to specific scenes that may have lacked some transitional clarity.

3). New choice weight tiers and varieties

We plan to add an even greater diversity in the types of choices players are able to make and add a new layer of depth as choices will now even change the way the characters interact with the world around them. Though the overarching plot will remain, we feel adding this new layer of depth will make different styles of play much more rewarding and empower players to experience an even greater number of story outcomes. Players will see this more as we mature into more stories and in the expansion of the Elwood collection.

4). We will be playing up some elements which both players and writers feel are important.

5). More action!

We agree that some of the action scenes would be even better if given some more mass and duration. This will bring clarity to some of the questions about the villain while adding some additional entertainment. All elements will be kept in this apps focus of being a family experience.

We look forward to making these enhancements. Thanks again for the feedback!

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Legendary Affinity
A to B: Enchanting our web banner

To celebrate the opening of our Social pages, we want to share Victoria Rowe’s amazing piece which will represent Affinity Forge and its mission to bring creatives together to Bring Story Driven Games Back To Life.

Here is her amazing work from concept to the finalized piece. You rock Victoria!!

Concept to final - Affinity Forge Banner