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December 2019


iOS and Android




Immersive Digital Storytelling
Multi-world Fantasy


Professor Elwood’s Castle of Oddities is our first Immersive Digital Story. You will become Elwood’s apprentice and discover the mysteries behind each of the eccentric professor’s trinkets which he has collected over the years. Each uniques story ties back to Elwood and has several outcomes based on how you choose the story should be remembered. Keep your eyes open as you will find new objects popping up around his castle. Dive into this fantasy world and help professor Elwood keep his castle open.



Your new reader interface

Some of the characters from our first story, The Broken Bottle. Click below to see more


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We want to see more story driven games come to life. Exploring ways to tell stories through text in innovative ways is a challenge we feel is what we were called to do here. We wanted to find a way to give our enjoyers a way to experience reading again but giving them an enhanced experience. We deliver our stories with captivating art, animations, reactive sounds and soundtracks, and more. Setting the tone for the stories and allowing several extremely talented creatives to tell that story in their unique mediums is incredible to watch. Experiencing the stories knowing this is really fascinating. It’s very personal. 



  • The Broken Bottle

    • Orphaned and outcast in medieval Romania, Florin’s life takes a turn for the worse when his sister, Nadia, disappears from the neighboring gypsy circus. He and his faithful wolf companion, Zana, need your guidance to unravel the mystery. Thrust into a world of mysterious performers, a tyrant with a sinister secret, and endless intrigue and magic, Florin and Zana are in for more than they could ever imagine. Will you guide them to safety, or fall prey to this new world? The choice, and their lives, are in your hands.

  • The Cracked Spyglass

    • In the Forge

  • Our third story will be a western! Title to come!



Enchanting stories

Our writers have some really cool concepts on the drawing board. From World War II era to timeless mermaid stories. Our first story, The Broken Bottle, is based in Medieval Romania. Elwood’s stories transcend time. This added a really interesting challenge to tie them all together and we think readers will have a blast uncovering how. Players are free to choose if they want to discover the ways these stories transcend time or decide if they’d prefer to read one sub-genre over the other. We want to leave that open for the player and not force them into a place where they have to read or pay for everything to feel fulfilled. It came down to freeing both writers and readers.

Beautiful interface

Our first illustrator Anh Luu did an incredible job transforming our thoughts and multitudes of sketches and descriptions into one beautiful reader interface. Not only is it beautiful but the style feels right. I feel good when I see it.

Lovely art

Our illustrators have worked closely with our writers to express the story in their own way while staying true to the writer’s vision. Another interesting challenge to conquer as a completely virtual team. Our goal with the art was to richly supplement the stories and have fun. We feel if we have fun and have an affinity with our work that our enjoyers will feel that heat emanating from our experiences - a Legendary Affinity.

Choice driven

The writers have taken a cool approach to empower the readers to determine the outcomes of the story even though the player maintains the role of a reader rather than a character in the story. Even though the choices the player must make are not blatantly right or wrong, our wise Professor hopes the players will make the right choices. He does not judge those who make the wrong decisions though, he does tease them and affirms those who make the right choices.


Each story has several outcomes. We challenge players to think differently each time (almost becoming different personas themselves) to experiment and appreciate each story from multiple angles.

Reactive environment

After playing Blizzard’s Hearthstone we were inspired by the vibe they brought through environmental effects such as glows and sparks that would emerge from the corners of the game’s frame. We felt this was a clear nod to proceed with the idea. We look forward to continuing to explore how to enhance stories through simple yet elegant touches.

Multi-world fantasy

Elwood’s world is uniquely complex and a mystery. Each one of his trinkets is tied to a unique story. There are multiple layers to all of the stories. We invite readers / players to dive into the multiple worlds and stories which make up professor Elwood’s Castle.



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About Affinity Forge

Legendary's first Realm

Affinity Forge brings incredible creative individuals together to champion Legendary Affinity's vision of activating all creative heroes.

Our focus
Bring story driven games back. As storytellers, we yearn to craft, tell, and share great stories with the world and have a blast in the process. Each artist expresses the story in his or her medium - we love that.



Team Members involved

  • Anh Luu - Illustrator / UI designer / character designer

  • B.R. Manente Writer / character designer

  • Josh Irvin - Writer / storyboard artisan

  • Kathryn Mariko Lee - Developmental / copy editor

  • Victoria Cosby - Illustrator / setting designer

  • Victoria Rowe - Illustrator / setting & character designer

Background on the team

Elwood is what brought us together. About two years before Professor Elwood’s Castle of Oddities went into development, we had an idea to create a game where you would work directly with the main character similar to Lifeline. B.R. Manente, our first writer and team member of the founding company Legendary Affinity took the idea and started to bring new concepts to the table. A master at character creation, B.R. Manente created professor Elwood. We fell in love and after bringing Josh Irvin to the team, the concept evolved, expanded, and was refined into what you are now discovering.

We have worked hard as a seven man / woman team working virtually across the worlds many time zones. The amount of documents, notes, drawings, wireframes, user flows, and everything in between is a mindblowing vault of how far we’ve come.

We have big plans for this game. We have some great writers and we hope this will bring even more creatives together to craft more awesome stories to life on the Elwood platform.

“I deeply thank the creative heroes who have contributed to this project. Their passion to contribute to the project is so humbling and an honor. As this project grew, I felt this would be the project to bring us all together - a passionate team spread throughout the globe with the desire to activate all creative heroes to build a Legendary Affinity. We might get one download or thousands...I see this as one of the best team building experiences that could have been launched. With this group I have complete confidence that success is only a matter of when.”

We love movies and some good TV series so we wanted to bring an experience as close to this while still maintain the integrity of the reading experience. We hope this will excite people to read more.