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Urban fiction Sci-fi

Immersive Digital Storytelling


Project Burne is a captivating text driven story guided by your hand. You’ll interact with the story characters through a top secret messaging app. You will choose who to help, how to respond, and who to trust. Project Burne will surprise, deliver and inspire at every turn... 



A stunning illustration of the star of the show
- Art by Victoria Rowe

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Story driven games are our focus and we find that exploring ways to tell stories through text in innovative ways is a really fun challenge. We had an idea for a game where you’re working directly with the main character(s). After playing games such as Lifeline we were inspired to create an experience that we hope will go beyond just messaging. 

We have a ton of backstory content that continues to expand. We are approaching this game as if we were making a TV series where you have total control over how it plays out. Our goal is to release more experiences with each episode and take you through this world we are passionately building.

 We want the players to be part of this process. We really want to do as much as we can to craft this around our audience - our players. We will be listening and watching to what our players think so that we can build this experience around them - around you.



Beautiful interface

We have spent countless hours creating an interface that we feel will feel good. Something clean, sleek, and beautiful to fit the feel of the game.

At-will gameplay

We know life is busy and things come up. Our goal is to give players the ability to roleplay in real time however, if something comes up, they are not penalized. You won’t find yourself losing points or the game if you have to step away for a few days. You might frustrate the characters but they will also understand...or should...

Deep back story

We went beyond just the messaging. We have and continue to build a world around this story. We are working on building it out as if we were plotting and scripting a film or series on Netflix.

Choice driven

You choose. The player’s choices determine the outcome of the story as it progresses. As more episodes are released we want your series to be different than your friend’s series.

Freedom to explore

A wise man said he builds his games to be “easy to play, difficult to master.” We adopt this principle by giving the player freedom to explore the backstory and really become part of the story or just experience the story at a high level.





Legendary's first Realm

Affinity Forge brings incredible creative individuals together to champion Legendary Affinity's vision of activating all creative heroes.

Our focus
Bring story driven games back. As storytellers, we yearn to craft, tell, and share great stories with the world and have a blast in the process. Each artist expresses the story in his or her medium - we love that.



Team members currently involved

  • Gabriel Degenhart - Storyboard designer / lead writer

  • Victoria Rowe - Illustrator

  • Joey Boyer - User interface designer, sound designer, co-writer

Background on the team

Being a virtual team has had its challenges but it’s also been a blast! Receiving a text or Slack late at night after an epiphany is one of the best moments you can experience while working on projects like this. We have spent hours brainstorming and writing over calls and back-and-forth messages scattered throughout all our platforms. We’ve developed ideas and shared breakthrough ideas through pictures and videos of our notes and diagrams. It’s been fun. 

We have tons of notes and wireframes spread across Google docs, Google sheets, Google drawings, Realtimeboard, Slack, and prototypes on MarvelApp. It’s amazing we’ve been able to stay organized.

After tons of iterations on searching which platforms would be best to hold all of our work we landed on Realtimeboard. Mentioning these guys is voluntary to help other virtual teams trying to tie everything together. We also believe that since they’ve provided such an awesome product, they deserve the credit. Thanks Real Time!